KICHI SCULPT & HYDRATE is a relaxing, warm experience, similar to a hot stone massage, that allows you to benefit from the following process:  

 (The treatment starts with our micro-exfoliation and LED machine to address minor skin imperfections and to prep the skin) 

Step 1. Benefit from deep radiofrequency via 2 CET electrodes for cellular level neocollagenesis and long-term collagen production.  

Step 2. For sculpting incredible cheekbones, the unique bracelet technology gets to work via the facialist’s hands. AKA KICHI Magic hands. Here the Tecar currents run through the fingertips, resulting in a heavenly massage experience that leaves you to deeply relax while the radiofrequency, muscle stimulation and microcurrent works their sculpting magic on your skin.  

Step 3. Fractional Radiofrequency is then delivered via one electrode, creating a superficial intense tightening and sculpting effect for a cut jawline. 

We finish the treatment with a Hyaluronic mask, vibration and LED technology, which again is blissfully relaxing. We then recommend you follow with KICHI products to further hydrate the skin and maintain results.