Achieve a sculpted lifted face, cut cheekbones and glossy glazed glowing skin, with KICHI SCULPT & GLAZE. This in-demand super age -defying facial uses our unique radiofrequency technology together with the lightest of baby lasers or our nano glow pen, to to create tiny microchannels in the skin, which are then infused a skin cocktail of pure minerals, vitamins, and targeted KICHI products (such as our best-selling Forever Oil and soon-launching KICHI serum).

Using our unique Radiofrequency technology, KICHI SCULPT & GLAZE harnesses the power of three currents simultaneously – Tecar, tripolar and monopolar – which tone the facial muscles, drain the lymphatic system, and stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin for up to 3 months.


KICH MEDICAL FACIALIST: £250 * From November at Hershasons Belgravia 

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In one hour, you'll see the transformative effect of a sculpting, collagen stimulating facial and ultra-high levels of antioxidants directed into the skin.

After the steam hydra machine has deeply cleansed the skin and sucked impurities from the pores, you will experience the KICHI Sculpt Facial comprised of the following steps:

Step 1. Benefit from deep radiofrequency via 2 CET electrodes for cellular level neocollagenesis and long-term collagen production.  

Step 2. For sculpting incredible cheekbones, the unique bracelet technology gets to work via the facialist’s hands. Here, the Tecar currents run through the fingertips, resulting in a heavenly massage experience that leaves you to deeply relax while the radiofrequency, muscle stimulation and microcurrent works their sculpting magic on your skin.  

Step 3. Fractional Radiofrequency is then delivered via one electrode, creating a superficial intense tightening and sculpting effect for a cut jawline.  

Step 4. Next, 2 RET electrodes, further medium radiofrequency and light microcurrent lymphatic drainage take place.  

The glow baby laser is then painlessly passed across the skin for 2 minutes, followed by a 5-minute application of KICHI Glaze products. For the next 5 minutes, you'll have a short ice globe session with a relaxing sound experience, and SPF to finish.

*No numbing cream required (the level is low with this facial). 


Our radiofrequency technology uses a combination 3 high and low energy currents to tighten the muscles and draining the lymphatic system, while a tecar current promotes neocollagenesis and tissue firming.

The thulium laser is one of the lightest baby lasers in the world, creating tiny microscopic channels within the skin that can be filled with vitamins, nutrients and radiance-boosting antioxidants. Together with the introduction of KICHI products and serums, your newly sculpted skin is finished with a glazed, dewy glow.


Glow pen, nano needling at 0.5, at this level the skin is infused with vitamins. 


Those who want healthy sculpted (skin tightening) and glowing skin. 



No, there's no downtime so you can go straight back to work. Ideal for KICHI girls on the go, our aim is 0 redness.
You can have this treatment every 2-4 weeks, but most of our clients opt to top-up their glazed donut skin glow once a month.


Iris Law the KICHI Baby Face

"Loved meeting Natasha and her magic lasers"


"Natasha’s technology driven treatments at KICHI give incredible instant results.  I love using the Forever Oil, which is hydrating, nourishing, and helps to prolong the youthful glow.”


"Meeting and working with Natasha has been a dream come true, she is my freckle go-to queen of glowing skin!

I never leave the house without the KICHI Forever Oil, deeply hydrating and doesnt make me break out"


"As someone who has struggled with acne and scaring, finding KICHI was so refreshing, somewhere I can trust and go to to get a no fuss treatment, with real results is very exciting."