Laser Facials - the future of facials?

Laser Facials - the future of facials?

It's 2022, so it's no surprise facials in London have come a long way from hot towels, massages, and extractions. With developments in beauty technology and access to dermatologist-approved creams at home, people are understandably demanding more when it comes to their in-clinic results.

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 For this reason, it's likely you've heard of the Laser Facial. Gracing the Instagram stories of models, influencers, and actresses alike, it's become the must-have facial for the London fashion crowd. Sienna Miller, Iris Law, Olivia Wilde, Amelia Clarke, Clara Paget and Poppy Delevingne have all come to see us for their Laser Facials at KICHI, and later taken to social media to show the visible difference it made to their skin.

 KICHI Baby Face

As part of our signature Baby Face Facial – hailed as 'the facial of the future', we use Lutronic's pioneering LaseMD™ technology to create miniature microchannels beneath the skin, which are then infused with targeted serums, depending on your skin concerns. Using a gentle, non-ablative laser that heats under the skin without harming the surface (as opposed to an ablative laser that takes away the top layer), we're able to effectively reverse the appearance of up to 5 years of photo ageing.

With zero downtime and results that last up to 8 weeks, the Baby Face Facial is perfect for weddings or even going to straight out for dinner afterward with a dewy, KICHI glow (not to mention it's loved by the beauty press as much as celebrities, including Vogue, Elle, Glamour and more!).

KICHI clients typically book their Baby Face Facial every 3 months, which is more cost effective than having a regular monthly facial with results that just last a day or two and allows us to gradually build up to a higher strength. We find that many KICHI clients have even given up Botox, turning instead to our Baby Face resurfacing stamping mode to soften and fade lines for a more natural, unfrozen look.

 KICHI Glaze

In between your Baby Face Facials or as a standalone treatment for younger skin, you'll also love our KICIHI Glaze Facial. As our lightest laser facial, it's a great way to achieve the trending #GlazedDonutSkin look as seen on TikTok. Using just enough strength to create tiny microchannels, the skin is infused with vitamins, minerals and KICHI products, all of which benefit from a pure 90% absorbency.

To experience the quick, long-lasting results of a KICHI Laser Facial for yourself, book your appointment at our London facial clinic here.