The Science Behind Micro-Channeling

The Science Behind Micro-Channeling

Blog Series: The Science Behind Micro-Channeling

Here at KICHI, we specialise in targeting and addressing many skin concerns that our clients may have. These typically range from aging, acne scarring, pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging skin and more. Thanks to our revolutionising high-tech facials, we are able to preserve, create and maintain beautiful skin from the inside out. We achieve this in two ways: by resurfacing the skin and the products that we infuse into our created microchannels.

The skin we create can be seen across the globe, whether that be on the streets of Mayfair, red carpets or on the front cover of VOGUE. Many clients come to us knowing the exact results they want to achieve, with some knowledge on what microneedling and microchanneling are. So today we’ll be delving into the science behind microchanneling, it’s three stages and why we love it oh-so much.

The Science

In summary, a microchannel is a tunnel into the dermis. Microchanneling is the process of stimulating our skin’s outermost layers with tiny needles or a laser. This action creates tunnels into the dermis, causing trauma to the skin. This kick-starts the wound healing response, which promotes our natural collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. The tunnels into the dermis can also be used to push through targeted, mixed-up serums (which act as a vehicle) which then get to work as our skin renews every 28 days. The process can be described as non-invasive, with the main focal point being to stimulate our body’s natural way of collagen and elastin generation. Through this action, collagen and communication levels within your skin are increased, resulting in thicker, tighter, and more youthful looking skin.

The microchannels created quickly dismantle old skin tissue and promote the development of improved, healthier skin in substitution. When combined with potent, antioxidant-rich formula serums (like our Forever Oil), the healing of the skin is improved immensely, and later signs of aging can be diminished entirely.

The Use Of Laser

To fully understand microchanneling, you can simplify it into three key stages. The first stage is the process of creating these needed microchannels. The laser device is tapped gently into the skin, thus creating single painless micro-injuries. An effortless glide across the face will generate hundreds of thousands of microscopic channels.

We also create microchannels in our second-generation microneedling Genius Lift treatment. This is through the power of radiofrequency microneedling. It is different, due to radiofrequency heat being attached to the end of the needles. This process, however, is much more aggressive and stimulates an abundance of collagen due to its volumizing and coagulation treatment. The innovative medical therapy harnesses Lutronic’s technology to target skin concerns such a scarring, wrinkles, sagging and volume loss. It is particularly designed to tighten, lift and plump the face and body – all through natural collagen production. The Genius Lift treatment alone is known to prevent the want or desire for a face-lift in later years.

Quickened Healing Response

The second stage is the quickening of the healing response. Each channel that we have created with our lithium laser is encompassed by active, healthy tissues. This, in turn, amplifies the healing process. The inflammatory healing process begins now which instigates the emergence of new collagen, providing us with that supple, plump skin we are all looking to achieve. Due to these microchannels being open at this point, we also have the advantage of our skin’s absorbency levels being risen.

In our Baby Face Facial, we use our lithium laser to create microchannels. Thanks to this laser, we achieve a skin absorbency at a level of 90% (without laser, it usually sits at around 1-2%). Depending on your specific skin concern, we will opt for targeted serums that we feel will best treat your discussed skin issue. With the lithium laser we use, the microchannels we create will stay open for 48 hours. It is the only laser in the world to create these with the highest level of skin absorbency possible, resulting in skin that looks fresher and more youthful after just one session. The achieved glow can last up to 8 weeks, but the laser treatment results may last well into 2 years. The actual collagen keeps up its stimulation for 6 months.

During this time, we also provide you with the option to feed your skin with nutrition-rich serums, such as the popular Lutronic serum. We have five serums that we can offer you, and depending on the concern that we are treating, we will select a specific one. You can then use our Forever Oil when you get home.

The Final Glow

The third and final stage of microchanneling is the fully-healed smoothing of the skin. As time passes, the repeated healing formation will build new collagen, creating healthier, plumper, and tighter skin. Our treatments will heal your skin from the inside out. The texture of your skin’s surface will have improved, and the overall appearance of the skin will represent an even, mega glow.