• We recommend no foundation for 24hrs, while the microchannels are open to avoid irritation and best results. Lots of hydrating products, like the KICHI Forever Oil.
  • Please do not actively suntan the face for 2 weeks and after treatment. You do not need to hide from the sun, this is a baby laser, rules that apply to other lasers do not apply.
  • No self-tanner 7 days after. 
  • No exfoliating including BHA'S AHA'S, for 7 days
  • No Chemical peels for one month


  • Baby Face has no downtime, and most clients experience zero to light redness when they leave the clinic.
  • 5-7 days resurfacing to velvet skin. Following treatment, the skin will feel dry and form a sandpaper texture (although this won't be visibly noticeable, you can go about your normal routine). This skin will gently shed, think of this as the old face falling away and the new fresh GLOWING face appearing underneath.


The Flawless Facial is a bespoke treatment designed to cater to your unique needs and preferences. The above aftercare may not be necessary, for glow levels, but Natasha will provide advice to ensure you get the most from your experience.